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Hardwood Flooring

Anderson Hardwood Floors: An Overview of the Product Line  

                Whether you are starting over or starting anew, Anderson Hardwoods is a flooring option that will add warmth and resale value to your home.  If you are in the market for a hardwood flooring solution, consider Anderson Hardwoods.  Anderson has been in business since 1946 when L. W.  Anderson began Standard Plywoods, Inc., the parent company of Ander Hardwood Floors.  In 1958, they expanded operations by purchasing Modernwood’s manufacturing plant in Clinton, South Carolina. When Anderson first began, it made parquet flooring for moisture-laden concrete slab floors. Then it expanded into the development of long planks with the same durability and stability as block floors.  Since then, Anderson has become a formidable player in the commercial and residential building markets. In 2007, it became an independent operating division of Shaw Industries.  For the past half-century, Anderson has been successful in the manufacture of consistent quality flooring. Few other competitors have experienced the long-term success of Anderson.

American Aquawood Hardwood Flooring
Congoleum Duraceramic
Homerwood Hardwood Flooring

                Anderson Hardwoods have many different species and types to choose from.  There are four lines to choose from – Anderson, Appalachian, Biltmore, and Virginia Vintage. Each line has many species and types to choose from.  Choose from engineered or solid plank flooring.  Anderson Family of Brands has produced a downward sloping Eagle Tongue and Groove System to provide a snap fit when installing engineered hardwood flooring. 

Anderson Hardwood Flooring
Anderson Eagle Lodge
Johnson Hardwood Flooring
Johnson Rio Series Hardwood

                To understand better what flooring solution would work best for you, look at online or magazine pictures of rooms to find out which style and type you prefer.  Are you interested in the traditional look of oak, the warmth of American cherry, the rustic character of hickory or the richness of walnut? What about the alluring beauty of exotic woods, such as Brazilian oak, or the distinctive color and texture of a boardwalk by a rippling ocean? There is a style and type to fit whatever design trend you prefer.

Expect years of beauty from Anderson Hardwoods when cared for properly. Floors should be swept or vacuumed regularly to prevent a build-up of grit. Spills should be removed promptly.  Anderson recommends the Anderson Clean Green Hardwood floor cleaner with a terry cloth mop. Prevent scratching by placing protective pads or casters under furniture. Do not use spiked heel shoes. Protect floors from the sun. Use area rugs in high traffic areas. Maintain proper humidity levels.

Anderson Hardwood Floors
Triangulo Flooring
Somerset Wood Floors
Quick Step Laminate
Bruce Laminate Flooring
Mohawk Wood Floors

Anderson is committed to stewarding the environment and giving back to the land. They understand that the balance between man and nature is crucial. They are making a natural product out of a renewable resource. Today, there are more forests than there were a hundred years ago.  Anderson treats forests as assets to hand down to succeeding generations. Before going green became trendy, Anderson had already put initiatives into motion to harvest in an environmentally sensitive manner. They purchase their wood flooring from those who practice good management practices.  If environmental factors are important to you, then Anderson is a company to consider when purchasing hardwood flooring.  They can deliver you an eco-friendly floor with an exotic flair!


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